Goodway Group Participates in TMTS 2018 in Massive Scale

Host by TMBA (Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association), 2018 TMTS (Taiwan International Machine Tool Show) will be exhibiting at Taichung Wujih high-speed railway zone for 5 days starting from Nov 7. This year there will be more than 720 professional machine & accessory builders attending and more than 85,000 buyers and agents are estimated to participate in this grand occasion.

Made up by " GOODWAY ", " AWEA " and " EXTRON " , GOODWAY GROUP ( Booth No. : 3A311 ) will definitely be the main focus of attention for the upcoming event. The company’s booth area reaches 864 square meters, presenting 26 of the latest CNC cylindrical grinding machine, CNC turning center, and machining center. Chairman Edward Yang as the leader of the team shows Goodway’s strong intentions of maintaining its’ advantage in the machine tool market.

Goodway Machine’s CNC lathe product line matches with the best global factories whether in width and depth. The company not only presents 16 of its latest models all at once, but also planned out different areas for multi-axis lathe with automation system, sliding head lathe, vertical lathe, horizontal CNC lathe, and grinding machine. The diversification of specifications and advanced technology is sure to satisfy all turning, milling, and grinding needs for all kinds of workpiece.

The highlight of Awea in this exhibition will be the presentation of 13 attachment heads and 2 two axes milling heads for professional customers to observe at close range. Unlike other companies, Awea’s attachment heads are all self-designed and in-house assembled. Thus Awea’s attachment heads match perfectly with its’ own bridge type machining center and in addition provides better service and technical efficiency. Moreover, Awea now offers up to nearly a hundred type of attachment heads for every usage and needs.

Extron reveals its’ HMI: iPANEL IAS intelligent assisting system. This system is operated through an independent LCD touch screen, it provides multiple machining features such as machining parameter setting, tool management, tool measurement and much more, which helps users to get hold of the machine. Note that this feature is standard equipment therefore no additional costs are needed.

Attachment Head

Awea Mechatronic Co., Ltd. is one of the very few manufacturers in the industry who has mastered the key technologies of bridge machines and attachment heads. For years, it has always insisted on in house research and development, and self-made attachment heads in the factory. Currently, there are 5 series and 90 specification combinations for customer choice. It is the most comprehensive attachment heads solution provider in the market. In this exhibition, Awea launched a new generation of attachment heads with total 13 heads been shown. We look forward to your visit.


Awea mechatronic AG5-1620 is a high-speed five-axis machining center with TECHNAI high-performance two-axis head. The maximum spindle speed is 24,000 rpm, and the B and C axis rotation angles are ±100° and ±240° respectively. The Z-axis is driven by a dual servo and twin ball screw in line with center of gravity, providing excellent dynamic performance. The XY axes are driven by advanced linear motors with zero backlash and ultra-high acceleration. The AG series is a top-of-the-line model with high speed, high load capacity and high precision which you wouldn't want to miss out on.


The Goodway Machinery’s traveling head CNC Cylindrical grinder Max. distance between centers is up to 630mm. Max Grinding Diameter is ø400mm. It combines plunge grinding and angular grinding type high accuracy cylindrical grinder. Its unique hydro-static bearing and hydro-static automatic lubrication technical makes this series of grinder more stable and has better grinding ability than same level machines. It’s been widely used in various industrial fields around the world.


The Goodway new generation SW-20II series was created with the latest machine tool technology and high quality component. Max. turning diameter for both main & sub-spindles are ø20mm, flexible tooling system and hybrid guide bush can satisfy your different machining requirement nowadays and future. Moreover, the optional B-axis and Y2-axis function can overcome the complicate and precise machining. Based on these advantages, the SW-20II series is the best choice especially for precision parts like medical and watch industries.