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Maximum Performance SWISS Turning Centers

With leading technology and high quality components. GOODWAY SW series Swiss Turning Center provides up to 9-axis control and 4-axis coordinate motion which is highly performanced by using high-speed built-in spindle*1, complete tooling system and flexible design of hybrid guide bush. The SW series offers turning, milling, drilling, tapping and other complicated work requirements for micro and precise parts. Due to above advantages, The SW series is excellence for automobile, electronic, clock / watch, medical industry and other related industry.

The hybrid guide bush design ( bush or bushless are all available ), which can be exchanged in short time, this can meet different work requirements.
X / Y / Z / XB / ZB axes utilize high speed, high performance linear guide way design which provides rapids up to 30 m/min.

*1 Individual model may vary, please refer to page 5 for more detail information.

Flexible Tooling System

Complete tooling system design can satisfy with front, rear and side different processing requirements.

( SW-20 Tooling System )

Tooling System SW-20 / 32 SW-42
A. O.D. tool 6 5 6
I.D. tool
Front-end 4 5 5
Rear-end 4 5 5
Live tool*1
Cross 5 ( max. ) 4 5
Front-end /
5 ( max. ) 5 5
Backworking Tooling System
D. Rear-end I.D. tool 4 ( total )
D. Live tool

*1 The upper 3 positions are a fixed unit for cross milling and drilling, the buttom 2 positions can be increased up to front-end X5 and rear-end X2 live tools.

Front-end / Rear-end live tools ( for SW-20 / SW-32 only ) 1. Standard
  • Cross live tool X 5
  • 2. Expansion
  • Cross live tool X 4
  • Front-end live tool X 3
  • 3. Expansion
  • Cross live tool X 3
  • Front-end live tool X 5
  • Rear-end live tool X 2