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GTZ-1500 series model shown


When facing a dilemma of maintaining a highly efficient production while processing extremely complicated machining parts, GOODWAY GTZ-1500 series is your best solution. This model is based on an ultra-solid 60° true slant bed, with the advanced structural design of twin spindles, twin Y-axis and twin live tooling turrets. Any complex parts can be completed by a GTZ-1500 in a single setup. In addition, this series provides three bar diameters of Ø45 / Ø51 / Ø65 mm, satisfying your processing needs for various workpiece sizes.

Maximum 8 axes control
Synchronic 4 axes machining

Max. turning diameter :
Ø 180 / 200 mm
Max. turning length :
590 mm
Distance between spindle nose :
820 mm

Compact Floor Space

The processing capacity of GTZ-1500 is equivalent to two turning and milling machines, thereby saving 40% floor space.

Twin Y Axes Control Function

The Y-axis control function allows eccentric processing needs such as milling and drilling, completing complicated processing tasks with ease.

Abundant Turret Capacity

A single turret can be equipped with up to 12 driven tools or 24 standard tools. ( Half indexing )

Optimized Twin Spindles System

The twin spindles are designed with the same specifications and controlled by two systems, which allows them to work independently at the same time to shorten the processing time. It can also perform high-precision cutting by clamping both ends of a long bar.

P4 grade ( Class 7 ) super-high precision bearings are directly assembled for maximum level of support and precision. Bearing configuration is designed for super heavy-duty cutting with ultra-smooth performance and long term durability with a higher level of accuracy.

The configuration of double row roller bearing and angular contact ball bearing can significantly reduce vibration of spindle radial direction and axial thermal deformation, securing the high rigidity of spindles.

GOODWAY's Live Tooling Turret

A maximum of up to48tools
( half index )can be installed

Upper Turret 24 tools + Lower Turret 24 tools

  • All series live tooling turret are designed and manufactured by GOODWAY.
  • 12 or 24 stations turret are available to meet any needs.
  • High speed servo indexing turret technology, achieving 0.2 second indexing for adjacent stations.
  • Ultra-high precise curvic couplings accurately position the turret disk.
  • GOODWAY provides a full range of power tool holders for selection to correspond to any complex machining tasks.
24-station live tooling turret 12-station live tooling turret

Ultimate C-axis Spindle

In our highly efficient Cs-axis design, spindle mode can be directly switched to C-axis servo mode. Fast indexing speed, along with a minimum spindle indexing angle of 0.001°, facilitates optimal performance.

The optional C-axis control function can greatly reduce the time required for twin-spindle synchronization, such as in twin-spindle synchronic part catching. In average, the efficiency of C-axis synchronization is 5 times more than that of twin-spindle synchronization mode.

Working with the live tooling turret, the Cs-axis and disk brake system enables the machine to perform multiple tasks, such as drilling, tapping, and milling operations, including cylindrical and polar coordinate interpolations, resembling a 4th-axis rotary table on a machining center.

Polar Coordinate Interpolation Cylindrical Interpolation


Y-axis control function can achieve simultaneous X, Y, Z and C axes machining, which is capable of working on Y-axis off center milling, drilling and tapping while improving the machining accuracy for multiple parts processing, such as high precision grooving and X-axis off center drilling.

The upper and lower turrets that are equipped with Y-axis control not only allow the GTZ-1500 series to mill extremely complex parts, but also make the process arrangement more flexible than the conventional dual-Y-axis models, thereby achieving higher processing efficiency.

Max. Y1-axis travel
( Upper turret )
Max. Y2-axis travel
( Lower turret )