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Twin Spindles & Turrets Turning Center GTS-150MMX series model shown


Designed for simultaneous turning of work pieces within one machines setup. The GTS series incorporates twin-opposing spindles and turrets with C-axis and live tooling capabilities. This configuration allows both turrets to work simultaneously with one turret at each spindle achieving ultimate efficiency.

Twin spindles, twin standard turrets.
Twin spindles, one live tooling turret & one standard turret.
Twin spindles, twin live tooling turrets.
Twin Y-axis ( GTS-200 series only )
C-axis for 1 deg. indexing spindles.


FANUC α Pi series wide range spindle motors power SPECIFICATION

The twin 12 stations turrets provides high speed indexing of 0.2 second from station to station. 1 step indexing further provides faster cycling times. Live tooling turret options enable the use of 6 live tool positions on each turret.


Simultaneous turning on both spindles. The second spindle may be used to support longer work pieces during turning with the spindle synchronize rpm feature. The feature is also used when parting bar work. When the machine is incorporated with full C-axis and live tooling, the GTS machines are able to perform the following: OD & face milling, OD & off-center face drilling.


FANUC αPi series wide range spindle motors power both spindles and can be programmed for synchronized turning. The wide range constant output spindle motors provide full power cutting throughout most of the spindle speed range. Pi type motors also have faster acceleration and deceleration to cut down cycle times and torque rating are twice the output of standard αi series motors.