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GMS series model shown
GMS series model shown


With 30 years of knowledge and experience in the machine tools field, Goodway is proud to present the new GMS-2600ST multi-tasking turning center. This hybrid has the combination of Goodway’s exquisite techniques ( X, Y, Z, C axes and live tooling turret ) and the features of a machining center, such as the high-speed spindle, ATC system, and B-axis. Complex free shape machining, tapping, milling, drilling, incline machining, contour machining, and turning can be done easily, hence, done in one is made possible.

Simultaneous turning on both spindles can achieve the best cutting condition and increase the machining accuracy and quality of long work pieces.
With the advanced double-turret and double-spindle construction, one turret can cut a work piece in one spindle with the other running at the same time. One simultaneous turning machine means replacing two machines which increases working efficiency.
GMS body GMS tools GMS tools
Tool spindle uses triple plate curvic coupling with worm gear drive structure.
Swiveling range : ±120° Indexing resolution : 0.001°
Standard KM63 arm type 24 station ATC.
Index speed : 3 sec ( T-T ) / 7 sec ( C-C )
The GMS-2600 series combine turning centers and machining centers’ strong features into one single machine, saving floor space and equipment purchase cost while increasing machining accuracy.
With the use of the loading/unloading system, the GMS-2600 series is turned into a high-efficiency automation turning center. From work piece transfer to parts finishing, all can be completed in one single set up saving manpower and cycle time, while reducing accuracy lost, which will occur if manually handling the part from one machine to another.
GMS constuction GMS spindle High precision built-in spindle

The main and sub-spindle module are equipped with cylindrical roller bearings which are better than angular contact bearings. The main spindle is installed with a built-in spindle motor which eliminates power loss and belt slipping problems. The C-axis with high resolution magnetic encoder provides high precision contour machining capability.

GMS spindle High performance built-in live tooling

Large size Ø 250 curvic coupling equipped with main spindle motor driven turret provides the best cutting ability.

Tool Square : □ 25 mm ; Tool Round : Ø 40 mm
Live Tooling : ER 40
GMS Slide Way Advanced slide way design

The X / Y axes are adopted with high-rigidity, extra-wide box way design to provide solid foundation for heavy-duty cutting. The Z / Zs axes are adopted with high-speed, high-precision roller linear guideway design to increase work piece overall accuracy and maintain excellent cutting rigidity.